1969/07/05: Conferenza stampa pre-volo di Apollo 11. “Gabbia” convoglia aria da astronauti verso giornalisti per evitare contaminazione dell'equipaggio

Apollo 11 preflight press conference at Building 1 auditorium. “Cage” conveys airflow from astronauts towards journalists to prevent crew contamination (S69-38847, scan by Ed Hengeveld; NASA).

...Saturday, 5 July, was devoted to the media. It started with a press conference in the auditorium at the Manned Spacecraft Center. As the astronauts were in their 21-day prelaunch flight crew health stabilisation program, workmen had spent two days assembling a three-sided roofed-over boy with a 12-foot-square base utilising 10-foot-tall transparent panels and fitted with fans to blow air outwards; smoke tests having been made to verify this forced ventilation.

After Brian Duff, the Public Affairs Officer, had explained to the members of the press – many of whom represented foreign media – the requirement for the special precautions, the astronauts made their entrance wearing rubber masks. At that point, some of the local press, who had been alerted and had purchased surgical masks, donned up to poke fun.

Once in the isolation area, the astronauts removed their masks and sat behind a large desk adorned with NASA's “meatball” insignia and, now being revealed, the mission patch. A large Stars and Stripes formed the backdrop. [...]

...Asked what he would most like to take with him to the Moon, [Armstrong] replied, “More fuel.”

(da The First Men on the Moon, di David M. Harland, pagg. 96-99).